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ZEF Energy Celebrates Successful Year-Long Partnership with Kempower, Showcasing Rapid Expansion and Exceptional Performance

As ZEF Energy and Kempower celebrate their achievements, they remain committed to delivering reliable charging experience, reducing lead times, and addressing the challenges posed by supply chain disruptions.

MINNEAPOLIS – ZEF Energy, a leading electric vehicle (EV) charging software and hardware provider, proudly commemorates over a year of successful collaboration with Kempower, solidifying their position as key players in the dynamic landscape of EV fast charging solutions in the United States.

The milestone achievements of this partnership include:

  1. First Kempower Fast Charging hub for public charging in the US Installed by ZEF Energy: ZEF Energy marked a significant achievement by installing the inaugural Kempower public fast charging system unit in Michigan. This milestone underscores the commitment to providing cutting-edge and scalable Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) options to meet the evolving needs of the growing number of electric vehicles on the road.
  2. Sold Kempower equipment for over 45 charging sites in the US: ZEF Energy emerged as Kempower’s inaugural U.S. partner, leading the charge in the electric vehicle EV charging revolution. ZEF Energy has achieved notable success by selling more than 45 Kempower chargers for deployment nationwide.
  3. Installation at 7 fast charging locations with 20 charging plugs: The impact of ZEF Energy’s partnership with Kempower is evident in the substantial usage of the installed chargers. With over 390 hours of total charging time recorded to date, equivalent to over 16 days of continuous charging, ZEF Energy is contributing significantly to the expansion of the electric vehicle charging network.
  4. 99.99% Charger Uptime Demonstrates Reliability of Kempower technology: Reliability is paramount in the EV charging industry, and ZEF Energy proudly announces an impressive uptime of 99.99% across existing Kempower chargers. This remarkable reliability underscores the success of the collaboration, as ZEF Energy continues to prioritize providing drivers with a seamless and dependable charging experience.
  5. Latest Successful Install at Island Acura in NY: The most recent milestone in this partnership is the installation of Kempower charging system with one satellite and four ZEF Energy Level 2 chargers at Island Acura in Wantagh, NY. This installation, executed through ZEF Energy’s esteemed partner, Sprocket Power, represents a forward leap in expanding the charging network.

Matthew Blackler, CEO at ZEF Energy, expressed his confidence in the partnership, stating, “The collaboration with Kempower has been instrumental in meeting the surging demand for EV charging infrastructure. We are dedicated to providing accessible and reliable fast charging options, and the results speak volumes about the success of our partnership.”

“Successful EV transportation projects begin with the right power supply,” said Tim Joyce, President of Kempower North America. “Our chargers are the perfect companion for any EV charging installation project. With 70 + years of experience in power electronics, we have perfected our charging technology which provides the best performance and user-experience to charge an array of vehicles including but not limited to personal cars, commercial vehicles and boats,” concluded Joyce.

As ZEF Energy and Kempower celebrate their achievements, they remain committed to delivering reliable charging experience, reducing lead times, and addressing the challenges posed by supply chain disruptions. With an eye on the future, ZEF Energy and Kempower are poised to continue their growth trajectory in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle industry.

Kempower and ZEF Energy will co-host a webinar alongside experts from the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center on Tuesday, January 9, 2024, at 10 a.m. (ET).

You can register to participate in the dialogue around cutting-edge charging technology and the need for increased EV charging infrastructure around North America and beyond, by clicking here:


Media enquiries:

Paula Savonen, VP, Communications, Kempower

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Kempower in brief:

We design and manufacture reliable and user-friendly DC fast-charging solutions for electric vehicles. Our vision is to create the world’s most desired EV charging solutions for everyone, everywhere. Our product development and production are based in Finland, with the majority of our materials and components sourced locally. We focus on all areas of e-mobility, from electric cars, trucks, and buses to machines and marine. Our modular and scalable charging system and world-class software are designed by EV drivers for EV drivers, enabling the best user experience for our customers around the world. Kempower is listed in the Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland.


ZEF Energy in brief:

ZEF Energy is a provider for software, hardware and support for Electric Vehicle chargers. ZEF offers one of the smartest and most rugged Level 2 chargers on the market with a focus on revenue grade metering, advanced control, owner reporting, and driver billing and messaging. The ZEF Energy 5-Year Advantage™ included in all EV chargers provides the longest product warranty in the industry with the strongest cell coverage and support.