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Kempower to present its dynamic, scalable, and modular EV fast-charging solutions at Autopromotec in Bologna, Italy

Due to the slim design and the modularity of Kempower S-Series charging satellite poles, they have the best power vs. footprint ratio in the fast charging market. The poles can be arrayed in a formation where they take as little space as possible while charging, for example, four electric vehicles at the same time.

Kempower’s e-mobility and EV charging specialists will be present to showcase the company’s charging technology to event visitors. At Kempower stand, visitors can see and test the Kempower S- and C-Series fast-charging system and the Kempower T-Series movable DC fast charger. Meet the Kempower team in Hall 18, stand B 6.

“We are excited to be showcasing our leading EV fast-charging technology at one of Europe’s most prominent exhibitions of automotive equipment and aftermarket. We will have a great opportunity to interact with customers in Italy and across Europe and introduce our unique solutions to the region. Thanks to the country’s strong industrial automotive background, the Italian EV charging market has the potential to grow very rapidly in the future, and we aim to be part of this journey,” says Tomi Ristimäki, CEO of Kempower.

Dynamic and scalable fast-charging solutions with first-class user-experience

Kempower provides easily scalable, modular, dynamic, user-friendly, and reliable fast chargers for EVs for many different needs. Our chargers are modular, and therefore, charging hubs can easily be scaled up and additional charging power can easily be added as demand grows.

The Kempower product portfolio includes the following solutions: Kempower S-Series charging satellites that enable simultaneous and frequent fast charging for several EVs, Kempower C-Series charging power unit which is a modular and scalable power unit providing fast-charging capacity, Kempower T-Series movable DC chargers which are weatherproof and suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, and Kempower C-Station which is a combined charging power unit and charging satellite post as a single unit.

Kempower ChargEye™ is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, cloud-based charging management system for charge point operators and retailers, bus and truck operators, and off-highway vehicle fleets. When Kempower chargers are connected to the ChargEye system, charging network operators can easily monitor, manage, and diagnose the day-to-day operations of both the chargers and vehicles. ChargEye ensures that a commercial vehicle fleet is always ready for duty when needed while optimizing energy costs and managing battery health. The software can also be directly integrated into other IT systems to provide seamless operations and reporting.


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