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Kempower has started delivering adaptive voltage charging solution

Kempower has started delivering the new adaptive voltage charging solution which allows its chargers to work with EV batteries up to 1000V. The new solution adapts to the voltage requirements of each electric vehicle and optimizes the use of power electronics.

Kempower began deliveries of the adaptive voltage charging solution in October 2022. All DC charging solutions for public charging shipped from the Kempower factory include this adaptive feature.  

Now the Kempower DC charging system can charge all electric cars and vans at full power while still maintaining the unique dynamic load balancing. Thanks to Kempower’s modular technology, existing Kempower fast charging stations already in the field can easily be upgraded to this new feature. 

“At the moment, almost all electric vehicles on the market still have 400 volts batteries. In the future, more and more EV brands will switch to 800 volts. Adaptive voltage charging solution helps us provide a future-proof solution for all our public charging customers,” says Kempower’s Chief Market Officer Jussi Vanhanen.  

Kempower developed the adaptive voltage charging solution in response to an increasing number of EVs with higher battery voltages and capacities. These EVs are being produced by electric car manufacturers to cut charging times. Adaptive voltage charging is an extension of Kempower’s existing dynamic EV charging solution, which optimizes charging curves when multiple chargers at a single fast charging hub are in use. 

Watch the animation “Ultra-fast Dynamic Power”: 

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About Kempower: 

Kempower designs and manufactures DC fast charging solutions for electric vehicles and machines. We’re a team of electric vehicle enthusiasts with a deep understanding of the charging market and a hands-on mentality. Our product development and production are based in Finland, with a majority of our materials and components sourced locally.  We focus on all areas of transportation, from personal cars and commercial vehicles to mining equipment, boats, and motorsports.  With Kemppi Group’s 70 years’ experience in perfecting DC power supplies, we set the bar high in engineering and user-experience design. Kempower is listed in the Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland. 

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