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Kempower’s Initial Public Offering 2021

The public offering was oversubscribed and the subscription period was discontinued on 9 December 2021

The subscription price was EUR 5.74 per share

The initial public offering of Kempower was oversubscribed and the listing was completed as planned.

The subscription price for the offer shares in the initial public offering was EUR 5.74 per share, which corresponds in total to a market capitalisation of Kempower of approximately EUR 319 million immediately following the offering. The number of shareholders in Kempower increased to approximately 34,500 shareholders after the offering.

Trading of the shares in Kempower commenced on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market on 14 December 2021 under the share trading code KEMPOWR.

Before making an investment decision, please review the Offering Circular, prepared in connection with the initial public offering of Kempower, available on this website.

Company presentation

Kempower in brief

Kempower is a Finnish electric vehicle (EV) fast charging equipment and solutions manufacturer and provider striving for rapid growth. We design, manufacture and sell direct current (DC) fast charging devices, solutions and services for EVs, such as personal and commercial vehicles, mobile off‑highway machinery and electric marine vessels and boats.

Due to the modular, scalable and flexible design of our products and their dynamic charging capabilities, we serve in particular customer groups that require or benefit from charging stations with multiple, high power charging devices.

Our charging solutions have been delivered to more than 30 countries globally, and our main geographic markets include the Nordics and the rest of Europe. Our products are designed and manufactured in Lahti, Finland, where our headquarters and two production facilities are located.

Kempower’s mission is to enable clean mobility by utilising Kemppi Oy’s 70 years of experience in demanding conditions of electric power supply.