Kempower Investors

Financial and sustainability targets

Kempower’s Board of Directors has confirmed the company’s medium and long-term financial targets. In addition, Kempower is committed to three sustainability commitments and their targets.

Financial targets

EUR 200 million revenue in the medium term (4–6 years)

Operative EBIT margin of 10 percent reached in the medium‑term (4–6 years) and operative EBIT margin of at least 15 percent in the long‑term

Sustainability commitments and long-term targets

1. Commitment Targets
100% Carbon Neutrality by 2035
  • Reducing the relative carbon footprint annually
  • Using 100 percent fossil‑free electricity by 2025 in operations and production
  • Compensating the carbon footprint of personnel’s business flight travel
  • Reducing the amount of landfill waste to zero by 2025
2. Commitment Targets
Sustainable products that enable a society functioning with 100% electric transportation
  • Reducing plastic packaging by 50 percent by 2025 from the level of 2021 and transferring to bio‑plastics and biodegradable plastics when economically viable
  • 99 percent end of lifetime recyclability rate for EV chargers
3. Commitment Targets
Number one workplace for future professionals
  • Reducing the accident rate to zero
  • Securing high work satisfaction
  • Training personnel with first aid skills to reduce serious harm in case of accidents and other medical emergencies